Online Web Project

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Here is the website project done in Dreamweaver and the intro was done in Flash…



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time travel

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Assignment 3… Chapter 2

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Using digital art as a medium is one of the coolest new mediums out there. There are endless possibilities when it comes to this newer medium. I recently got attend a lecture from a guy by the name Ben Fry. He does some really amazing stuff. Check out He does this thing called data processing design. You can see his stuff in movies like “The Hulk” and “Minority Report”. He has basically come up with a data processing program you can download off his website and use for your own design work. Here are a couple of examples of his work. projects One of my favorites is Human vs Chimps. He finds the difference in genes between humans and chimps. Only 9 differences in 75,000 genes.

The Owl – I love you but I’ve chosen darkness

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Abject portrait

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self portrait using imagery

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Project 1_poster

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I did my ad on a Foot Locker ad. I found this ad in Rolling Stone. There actually trying to sell New Balance shoes. I chose this ad because it caught my attention. It really made me want these pair of shoes. I think this ad is very successful. The use of the white space and the simplicity helps makes it successful. The lines coming in from the top left help guide your eye to the shoe. The eye flows nicely around the image. Color also plays a big role in this ad. Its mainly black and white but there is a little amount of red that helps bring the eye back up to the top right. This red color helps balance the ad too. To me this ad is very successful because of its simplicity.